The Social Work Accreditation and Advisory Board (SWAAB) is organising its 4th Social Work Supervision Seminar, to be held virtually, on 8 and 9 July 2021. The theme of the Seminar is “Riding the Waves and Rethinking Social Work Supervision”.
Gain insightful information on Social Work Supervision from both local and international speakers like Prof Lambert K Engelbrecht and Prof Peter Hawkins on the topics of ‘Rethinking Supervision’ and ‘The Future of Social Work Supervision’. In addition, learn from our Social Work counterparts from Ireland, Taiwan and USA on their sharing of re-thinking supervision during COVID-19 in their social work practice. Dr. Peace Wong, Chairperson of SWAAB Social Work Supervision Seminar Organising Committee will end with closing remarks to tie back to the theme of the Social Work Supervision Seminar 2021.
The Seminar’s Guest-of-Honour is Ms Ang Bee Lian, Director-General of Social Welfare, Ministry of Social & Family Development.
Registration to the 4th Social Work Supervision Seminar 2021 is now closed. Please click here for more details.