The Singapore Association of Social Workers celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. This is a momentous milestone for the Association which has come a long way since it was established in 1971.

To celebrate the Association’s jubilee year, a series of events will be organised throughout the year. Click on the icons below to find out more.

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Commemorative Videos

President's Message

Celebrating 50 Years in Social Work


SASW 50th Anniversary Logo

About the logo

Introduction of the 50th Anniversary Logo

Logo design concept:

As the association celebrate 50th anniversary, the logo symbolizes SASW as a sailboat, riding through the waves with the fraternity of social workers through up and downs, being in the same boat together!

The SASW logo is at the core of the design. The tip of the “sailboat” is the colours of SASW, like a flag raised high on the sailboat. Both act as beacons calling out to the social workers to connect with the fraternity.

The shape of the logo is representative of both “50” and “S” in social work.

When Shen Yong design this logo specially for 50th anniversary, it symbolises how SASW is riding through the waves and continue to strive towards a better future with the fraternity.

About the designer:

Lim Shen Yong is a senior social worker at Youth Infinity under AMKFSC Community Services, works with youth, in particular those with substance abuse issues. He had been awarded the Promising Social Worker Award 2019. Of the many talents he has, logo deigning is one of them! He had designed many logos for SASW including this 50th anniversary logo. “This is my contribution to the profession. I feel honored that my artworks were being used and printed by SASW.”