What are the entry requirements for the SASW membership?

Please refer to "Become a Member" on the entry requirements for SASW membership.

How will I be informed of the application status?

You will be informed of your application status via the email address provided in your submitted application. An Interim email approval of the application will be sent to the email address provided in your application form to inform you and for you to make the necessary fees payment. Once the payment made is approved by the Association, an approval email will be sent to your registered email address.

Clarifications about SASW Membership and Accreditation

Membership with SASW is not equivalent to accreditation as a Registered Social Worker-Provisional (RSW-P) or Registered Social Worker (RSW) Both are separate applications to be made.

While Accreditation is not a prerequisite for becoming a member of SASW, we encourage all Social Workers to pursue Accreditation and apply for SASW membership as well.

The objectives of accreditation are to:

  • Ensure professional standards of Social Work practice
  • Promote continuing education and training of social workers
  • Improve the professional image of social workers
  • Groom leaders to guide young social workers

The objectives and benefits of accreditation and how to apply for accreditation as a RSW-P or RSW are available at http://accreditation.sasw.org.sg

Typically, a person who is eligible for SASW Ordinary membership should meet the criteria for accreditation as a RSW-P or RSW.

For further clarifications, please email to membership@sasw.org.sg for Membership related matters or to the Accreditation Secretariat at accreditation@sasw.org.sg for Accreditation related matters.