This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Singapore Association of Social Workers since our inception on 5 February 1971. It is a privilege for me to be serving as President in this Golden Jubilee Year and commemorating this significant milestone with our members and stakeholders of the social work fraternity.  


Over the past five decades, the Association has achieved several milestones, have been a vital advocate for our social workers, advanced professional standards in social work practice, and promoted the well-being of Social Workers.


The theme for our 50th anniversary is “Riding Through the Waves Towards a Better Future” and the celebration has commenced with a series of activities lined up for members. In this Golden Jubilee year, I would like to express my appreciation and to thank the Executive Committee, Chapters, Interest Groups, Workgroups, our members, SASW Secretariat and various stakeholders, especially the Ministry of Social and Family Development and the National Council of Social Service for the support and contributions to SASW’s achievements.


As we look back 50 years of building the social work fraternity, the social service needs and landscape have evolved. It is also timely that we renew our commitment to lead our sector to remain relevant, to bridge existing gaps and to advance our shared values for our future generations.  


Together with the Executive Committee, staff and management team, we will continue our efforts in achieving greater heights for the Association in our vision to be a Thought Leader for the Social Work profession and the promotion of Social Justice. I wish SASW every success and look forward to your participation in celebrating SASW’s 50th Anniversary.



Long Chey May

President of the Singapore Association of Social Workers