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Envisioning Psychosocial Care in Nursing Homes Symposium Proceedings

A Bio-Psychosocial Spiritual Assessment Guide for Health and Social Work

Transition of Complex Cases in Nursing Home

Social Work Supervision in Singapore: Innovative Ways to Chart the Bare Essentials (Seminar 2017)

Social Work Supervision Guidelines 2017

Person centred approach in care transition

Social Work Supervision Guidelines 2021

Mapping of Care Services for the Dying, their Caregiver, and the Bereaved

Social Work Supervision Seminar 2021 Proceedings

Defining Criminal Justice Social Work in Singapore

Defining Criminal Justice Social Work in Singapore, by Mr Roger Tan & Ms Jaena Teo, January 2021


    Celebrating 70 Years of Medical Social Work in Singapore

    Medical social services were first introduced in Singapore in 1949 with the establishment of an Almoner’s Department at Singapore General Hospital (formerly known as Outram Road General Hospital). The Almoners were the forerunners of today’s medical social workers (MSWs). They presided over the administration of charitable funds to ensure fair distribution of financial aid to needy patients and their dependents. Since then, the profession has evolved to respond to the nation’s rapidly changing medical and social needs.

    For the milestones of medical social services in Singapore through the ages, you may refer to the MSW Anniversary Video.