Overview of the Chapter

School Social Work (SSW) is a specialized field of practice in the social work profession. School social workers aim to coordinate with the school, community and family to provide a range of preventive, developmental and remedial services to enable students to gain the most benefits from their schooling experiences.

The School Social Work Chapter was set up in 2003 and was officiated in 2004 to bring together social workers who practice in or with the school systems and students.

Objectives of the Chapter:

  • Improve professionalism in School Social Work.
  • Promote continuing education and training in SSW.
  • Advocate for the improvement in service conditions in the delivery of SSW.
  • Educate stakeholders of the school system on the importance and relevance of SSW

School Social Work Chapter Strategic Thrusts (2018 – 2021)

  • Promote Professional Identity of School Social Workers
  • Encourage Greater Collaboration and Education among Professionals
  • Review Singapore’s Definition and Model of School Social Work

Members of Chapter: 2019-2021

Appointment in SASW NameOrganisation
Co-ChairpersonMelissa Lim-LerSHINE Children and Youth Services
Co-ChairpersonYum Sin TingAMKFSC Community Services Ltd
MemberTan-Wu Mei LingSHINE Children and Youth Services
MemberPeace WongNational University of Singapore
MemberYet Tun HoongViriya Community Services
Member Tan Yi YingAMKFSC Community Services Ltd

Who are eligible for our Programme/Activities?

  • Members of SASW

Area of Interest

  • Promote Membership & Professional Identity
    • Continued collaborations with Disability Chapter
  • Encourage Collaboration
    • Engagement and networking with MOE or any partners to advocate for SSW
  • Education
    • Training on working with school systems for beginning social workers

Past Achievements

Some activities and achievements of SSW chapter in the last 10 years are as follow:

  • Presented and shared on SSW in Singapore in International Conferences & Networks
    • 6th International School Social Workers Conference (ICSSW) in 2015, held in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia
    • International Conference on Social Work In Health And Mental Health in 2016, held in Singapore
    • 1st Asia Network of School Social Work (ANSSW) in 2019, held in Fukuoka Japan.
  • Conducted trainings for school social workers in Vietnam (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh), through the invitation of International Association of Schools of Social Work, in 2015 and 2016
  • SASW SSW Chapter has also been part of the International Network for School Social Work for more than 5 years.
  • Organised networking and sharing sessions locally
    • SSW networking and sharing in 2014 held in Social Service Institute was attended by over 80 social workers, partners and students.
    • SSW Sharing at Disability Chapter Network in 2019 expanded conversations between social workers to include SSW practice in special education schools.

Criteria to Join Us:

  • Has met the requirements of SASW membership. Accredited social workers (RSW) preferred.
  • Has been or currently involved in school social work practice. Applicants with no prior experience should be deployed within the next 3 months to work directly or indirectly in the school setting.

If you are keen to become a member or friend of the chapter, please email to SWchapters@sasw.org.sg and address to "School Social Work Chapter Chair"