• Disciplinary Board
  • Crisis Response Team
  • Practice Research Group
  • Housing Support Network

Disciplinary Board Chair: Dr Gilbert Fan


A Disciplinary Board shall deal with breaches of professional conduct and/or the violation of the Association’s Social Work Code of Ethics by Members of the Association, according to the Board’s Rules and Regulations (set out in Annex B of the By-Laws). The functions of the Board are:

  • To hold hearings on complaints brought to the attention of the Association’s Professional Ethics Standing Committee or the Executive Committee against Members charged by the public or fellow colleagues with breaching professional conduct and/or violating the Association’s Social Work Code of Ethics
  • After holding such hearings, to recommend to the Executive Committee on the proper course of action to take regarding the complaints.


The Crisis Response Special Committee was formed in 2018 with the aim to develop a SASW Crisis Response Team of experienced and highly competent Social Workers who can be activated during a National Crisis to support crisis response. SASW Crisis Response Team members serve in the Ministry of Home Affairs’ Human Emergency Assistance and Response Team (HEART) as part of SGSecure.

Current Members

Appointment in SASWNameOrganisation
ChairpersonLee Seng MengSHINE Children and Youth Services
MemberNurrauhdah Ridzuan Ajma’inAMKFSC Community Services Ltd
MemberPeter Li ZhaojieFRCS Family Service Centre
MemberGrace VazMinistry of Social and Family Development
MemberJoyz TanFei Yue Family Service Centre
MemberConnie NgMethodist Welfare Services
MemberKaren ChuaSt Andrew Nursing Home
MemberOng Bee YongCrisis Relief Alliance
MemberJoanne GohKK Women’s and Children’s Hospital
MemberTracy WeeInstitute of Mental Health
MemberSiti Mariam Bte Md SalimSengkang General Hospital
MemberDesmurn LimMontfort Care

Highlights and Activities

With the completion of Psychological First Aid Training on 22 July 2019, Crisis Response Level 1 Training on 6 January 2020 and Crisis Response Level 2 Training on 7 January 2020, we are pleased to report that 28 Social Workers from various Social Service Agencies have been appointed as SASW Crisis Response Team members.

Activation of Crisis Response Team to support National CARE Hotline

Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) launched the National CARE Hotline in April 2020 to provide support for members of the public who are emotionally distressed due to COVID-19 pandemic. Responding to the request from Chief Psychologist of MSF, President of SASW and Chair of Crisis Response Special Committee activated the Crisis Response Team to support the National CARE Hotline. The team took up duties to man the 24-hour helpline, support the distressed with psychological first aid and link callers up with Social Service Agencies and specialised services.

Join Us

We look forward to recruiting more Social Workers into the team. If you have more than six years of direct Social Service Practice and is interested to join this meaningful cause, email us at crisisresponse@sasw.org.sg.

Overview of the Practice Research Group

The Practice Research Special Interest Group was formed in September 2018 to promote and facilitate practice research in the social service sector harnessing the expertise of social service agencies, public health institutions and government partners. This initiative is a response to a need for greater alignment, collaboration and actual implementation in research.

Objectives and Goals:

  • Promote awareness in practice research to the social service sector.
  • Grow the practice research movement on the ground.
  • Advocate the importance of practice research to the social service sector.

Composition of Special Interest Group

Comprising currently of one Chairperson and members, with a plan to recruit more members.

Terms of Office

Plan to become a Pro-Tem status and eventually a Chapter within SASW.

Members of Special Interest Group: 2018-2021

Appointment in SASWNameOrganization
ChairpersonMr. Martin ChokCare Corner Singapore Ltd
MemberMs. Evelyn LaiViriya Community Services
MemberDr. Judith ChewKK Women’s and Children’s
MemberMs. Alice KooRotary Family Service Centre
MemberMs. Anita HoNTUC Healthcare

Who are eligible for our Programme/Activities?

  • Ordinary members of SASW
  • Associate members of SASW

Area of interest

  • Linking resources to interested practitioners
    • Continuation of the match-making project linking mentors (experienced practitioners doing practice research) to mentees (practitioners who are keen to do practice research).
    • Setting up of an enquiry service to provide consultation to practitioners who are in the infancy phase of learning about/doing practice research.
  • Encourage Collaboration
    • Provide platforms for sharing of practice research amongst practitioners through Research Networks/Meetings
    • Provide networking opportunities for practitioners through Research Networks, which give rise to inter-agency collaboration/inter-SASW Chapter collaboration for research.


Past Achievements

Some activities and achievements of Practice Research Special Interest Group in the last 3 years are as follows:

  • Publication of Practice Research newsletters
    • 3 newsletters published from February to July 2018
    • Topics covered include “What is Practice Research”, “Practice Research in Action” and real life cases of practitioners doing practice research.
  • Matchmaking event for practice researchers
    • 6 mentees matched with mentors.
    • Mentors are social work practitioners who have experience doing practice research. Mentees are social work practitioners who show interest in doing practice research within their organisations.
    • Event held where 6 mentees presented on their research proposals on 17 August 2018. Attended by 50 participants.
  • Joint-organisation of the Social Work Research Network with Medical Social Work Chapter
    • Event held at SASW premise on 23 October 2019.
    • Total number of participants: 88 (AM), 77 (PM)
    • 27 presentations covering 7 themes:
      • Assessment on psychosocial problems and spiritual needs and work with caregivers
      • Empowerment work with different age groups
      • Work with people with medical conditions
      • Experiences of the disadvantaged groups
      • Social work practice and roles of social workers
      • Interventions in mental health
      • Children and families work

Join Us

Criteria to Join Us:

  • Has met the requirements of SASW membership – Ordinary and Associate. Accredited social workers (RSW) preferred.
  • Has been, currently involved and/or express an interest in research within their organisation or school.

If you are keen to become a member or friend of the Special Interest Group, please email to martin_chok@yahoo.com.sg and address to “Practice Research Special Interest Group Chair”.

Overview of Housing Support Network

Housing Support Network is an inaugural professional network under Singapore Association of Social Workers (SASW), which was newly formed in June 2019 and comprises of social workers from different settings keen to contribute to efforts in tackling homelessness in Singapore.

How and why was this network formed?

  1. Call-to-action by President of SASW during New Hope Forum in 2019
  2. Limited awareness regarding role of Social Workers in tackling this social issue of homelessness in terms of practices and contributions
  3. Limited resources, especially trainings, related to enhancing social work professional practice standards in this aspect
  4. Absence of coordinating body to coordinate available knowledge, resources and expertise developed by different organizations working with this population (e.g., SSAs, medical settings)
  5. Nature of homelessness being multi-faceted and need for Social Work as a profession and community, to work hand-in-hand with other key stakeholders (e.g., NGOs, government bodies) to tackle this social issue collectively in line with social justice mission

Objectives and goals of the Special Interest Group:

We hope to be a sector network that can represent, support and empower social work professionals in enhancing their practice with individuals and families facing housing issues and homelessness and contribute to tackling this social issue in society.

We aim to do so through these four key thrusts:

  1. Facilitate consolidation of knowledge, resources, and expertise to raise practice standards
  2. Foster connections and collaborations across different settings and stakeholders
  3. Increase awareness and create conversations about enhancing practice with this population
  4. Support advocacy initiatives through identification of gaps and joint solution-ing as a sector

Composition of Housing Support Network Group

The network currently comprises of 20 members, with representatives from transitional shelters, FSC, medical and SASW.

Members of Housing Support Network Group: 2019-2021

Appointment in SASWNameOrganization
Team Leader

Ms Lyon Koh Lin LuNational Council of Social Services
Team Leader
Ms Lilian OngNew Hope Community Services
MemberMr Isaac Teo AMKFSC Community Service Ltd
MemberMs See Toh Hui XiaAWWA Limited
MemberMr Samuel Neo Kok HweeTan Tock Seng Hospital


Past Achievements:

  • Explored collaboration with SASW for online resource directory

Current & Upcoming Projects

  1. To consolidate a resource guide to support practitioners in their work.
  2. Organise Pilot ‘Fireside Chat” series – online platforms that aim to facilitate conversations on practice with this population across different sectors, to support mutual learning, raising awareness and to enhance practice.

Join Us

Ongoing efforts of network:

  • Recruitment of more social work practitioners from different settings that work with this population (e.g., community, medical, rehabilitative)
  • Connect with key stakeholders from community (e.g., NGOs and ground-up initiatives) as well as government bodies (E.g., MSF, HDB) related to supporting this population to seek contributions and explore collaborations

If you are keen to become a member or friend of this Special Interest Group, please email to admin@sasw.org.sg and address to “Housing Support Network Group”.