Electronic Copies of Outcome Letter & Certificate of Accreditation
With effect from 1 February 2019, electronic outcome letter and certificate of accreditation has replaced the current hardcopies.
Accredited professionals will receive outcome of new, conversion and renewal applications by email to view letters and certificates from their accounts.

Green Lane for Social Workers who were previously accredited

A Green Lane for qualifying social workers was launched in October 2022. If you: 

(a) were previously accredited but your accreditation has lapsed; and

(b) have 20 years of practice experience in both Direct and Indirect Practice (e.g. management, research, policy education); and

(c) are employed in a social service agency, government agency, hospital, institutes of higher learning or registered charity or society engaged in social work practices, 

apply now at https://accreditation.sasw.org.sg/.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at accreditation@sasw.org.sg or at Tel. 67787922 if you require any clarification or further information.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Requirements
The current CPE requirements are as follows:
  • The total number of CPE credits required for renewal is 60 credits for two years;
  • The minimum number of credits that must be obtained from the Structured is 30; and

Click here for the current CPE Credits Matrix.

Number of Accredited Professionals

More than 2000 social workers and social service practitioners have applied for accreditation. As at 31 December 2022, there were 377 Registered Social Workers-Provisional (RSW-P) and 2087 Registered Social Workers (RSW).

To date, 91 Registered Social Service Practitioners (RSSP) remain on the register. (Note: Accreditation of RSSP ceased in June 2012).